Falling in love with autumn (again)

I must say autumn is my favorite season. I was born in September so I always feel at peace when autumn comes. In early autumn, the leaves are still green and the days are still warm. Some days are rainy, while others are a bit colder. It’s not about the colors yet. It’s in the air.

The smell of early autumn is nutty and rich. It smells like soil, rain and leaves. September is cozy and enjoyable. And the sky… September sky is better than any editing program. These days I find myself looking at the sky more often, taking photos of it and bragging to my friends about the countryside autumn.

I’ve missed autumn so much and now I’m finally here, feeling it, enjoying it and writing about it. Autumn has some kind of melancholy that makes me appreciate more every moment of the day. I’ve set the desk in front of the window so I can see how autumn comes, how autumn stays, how autumn goes. Autumn makes me appreciate the other seasons as well. This is the melancholy I was talking about. Other than the cold days and the no-more-T-shirt days, there is nothing sad about autumn. Even these days are good days.

Then it comes October and soon we can all see the most beautiful colors that only autumn can give us. Countryside autumn is even more beautiful because you can really feel and see the changes around you. The peach tree in our garden might have green leaves today, but tomorrow they will be golden brown and they might even fall a day after. Everything changes so quickly in autumn. Thus we must enjoy every moment of the day.

The sunsets are gorgeous too. I love taking photos of the sky (some kind of hobby of mine) and lately, encouraged by my younger sister I take a lot of photos of the sunset in autumn.

It’s getting colder these days but I wish I could stay outside as much as possible. I don’t want to lose these last precious days of a still quiet and cozy autumn. I think I already miss September, but there is no autumn without October and November. I’ll be watching from my window. I hope we can all have a nice and peaceful autumn.

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