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Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – unknown

When studying Literature in school, a person that was in the autumn of life was an old person and a person in the winter of life was closer to death. Even people who don’t know a thing about literature know what autumn of life means: losing hope, the energy to live, the beauty… Thus autumn seems to bring a negative vibe, a pessimistic atmosphere, depression, regrets and death…

I loved autumn since I was a child. I loved its colors, its relaxed atmosphere, its smell, the falling leaves, its warm days. Everything! I have to admit that I became melancholic and I knew I would miss going outside, the trees, the colors, the fresh air. Autumn is not a season that takes the summer away from us. Autumn is change and change is usually good. Or we can make it that way. Autumn shows us that this is not the end, it shows us how to age beautifully. Autumn is all about accepting the you as you are now, letting go of your regrets and living at the fullest what is left. Because what is left might be your happiest time.

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