My evolution in 2020 – an overview

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2020 remains for me the most challenging yet the most fruitful year. I believe that all the difficulties that came into my life challenged me to change in order to grow. I had to react, if not I would have been in extreme depression right now.

Today’s post is not only an overview on my progress for this year, but also a post to express my gratitude for the good things that happened to me and for the goals I have achieved. It is the first time I write more elaborately about my achievements and this is partly due to my journaling journey I started almost a year ago.

This time of the year I usually think about my goals for the next year, but this year it came to me that thinking about what we already achieved can help us check our development map and motivate us to continue the great work. Also it shows us where we are now so we can pick goals that would helps us continue our work and grow even more.

So without further ado, I will list the achievements that give me so much satisfaction and motivate me to keep making efforts:

I finished writing my dissertation. I postponed writing my dissertation because I felt extremely overwhelmed with a full-time job, a part-time job and school. I really felt I needed a break or at least postpone writing my dissertation for one year. I am glad and proud I finished writing it.

I started keeping an everyday journal. This is something I am very proud of. Journaling helped me in so many various ways and I think it is a habit that doesn’t feel like routine. I do it because I like it, I write whenever I feel like it. Journaling is like a friend you drink with, it never betrays you.

I started doing yoga and cardio exercises to lose weight. I lost 6 kg. I am very proud of me making efforts to lose weight. I really loved the process of me becoming healthier and more responsible for my life.

I started my blogging journey. Writing is really healing for me and I wanted to write a blog since I was younger. I wanted to have a cooking blog, but it turned out writing about lifestyle. I am still thinking of starting a cooking blog, but now I have other projects I want to focus on. It will happen one day if I still want it to happen.

I started my minimalism journey. I really consider this one a real achievement. Getting to know more about the minimalist lifestyle also changed me and challenged me to make changes where I felt I had to change. Since I started learning more about minimalism, I feel like I became more responsible toward the environment and toward myself. I started consuming less and more responsibly and thus I could save money more easily. I started keeping a track of my finances and say stop when I felt I spent too much. I gave up on eating meat. I don’t know if it’s because of minimalism, but it came so naturally after I got into minimalism. There were also a lot of other circumstances that made me choose this way of leaving. I am not a vegetarian yet because I still eat fish but I am quite happy with my choice of not eating meat. However I never pushed myself doing something I don’t like so if I ever feel like eating meat again I will do it. Right now I am quite satisfied with my lifestyle, but there is always a place for improvement and this is what I am looking for. Continuous improvement and a happier me.

Now that I see everything on paper, I realize that this year was quite a good year. If I don’t think about the challenge that we all had to face since February, 2020 could be my year. I did more than I wished that night when I saw the fireworks. The fireworks were like flowers on the sky and so my wishes bloomed in my heart. And now I know that I am capable of doing everything I want if I put my mind and my soul into it. I am waiting for another great year.

I hope you had a great year too. Feel free to tell me about it in the comments if you feel like it.
With infinite gratitude for reading my words I hope you stay healthy and positive and as always, I’ll see you around.

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