Oh, my G(ardening)!

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.com

It’s funny that as much as I like gardening now, I used to hate it that much when I was a child. It was a hellish activity not only because I really didn’t enjoy it at that time, but because I was told to do it. You see, everything you do that doesn’t come from inside and from your own will might become the thing that you hate doing the most. In my case, that thing was gardening. My parents needed help and of course they didn’t understand why we said we didn’t like it. For them, who were raised in other political circumstances, working the land was something that you needed, it wasn’t about liking it or not. Maybe if they didn’t told us to do it so often, we could have enjoyed it. Maybe if the approach was different, we could have understood why is it important and how you can work without feeling you are working.

After many years and more diverse experiences, after becoming an adult and getting to learn more about life, when I came back to the house where I grew up, gardening and chores didn’t seem so much of a burden. They weren’t hellish also. I had changed and so did my way of thinking. Instead of feeling annoyed and bothered when I went gardening, I felt I can actually do something for the environment. I felt I can give back a small portion of what I receive, and I felt as a part of something bigger than I ever knew before. I became healthier and I gave up on some of the bad habits that were replaced with nice and relaxing activities that also helped me growing as a person.

Gardening is my happy time. You know why? Because when I work in the garden, I don’t really think, I don’t analyze, I don’t overthink. You know how important it is to have silence inside your head as an overthinker? It is absolute bliss! Even if I think, I organize my thoughts, or I imagine things. This is something I can’t really control and I don’t even try to. I let my mind do whatever it wants. I want to let it be free at least in these moments. From what I have seen, I was never stressed when I did gardening work. My mind is at ease and my heart is at peace.

A funny thing I observed in the last weeks since gardening has become the main activity after work is that I found myself smiling while weeding and do my thing in the vegetable garden. No wonder gardening is used as therapy for depression or Alzheimer. Nature has its own unique power of healing us, humans who are busy working against it. I feel sorry for Mother Nature every time I see stupid people destroying it and not caring about it. I wish we could all see how harmful is human greed, indifference and selfishness for the environment. And I wish we could all become active in making small efforts to be a real part of this big place called Earth.

This is all for today. I hope you all have peaceful and sunny days.
Thanks for reading!

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