(Re)focusing. (Re)finding balance.

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com

It has been a while since I’ve last written any word on my blog. I’ve also been quite absent on WordPress, but it was something I needed to do. I felt I lost my balance and I needed a break to reconsider my priorities. I had some health problems and this was the main cause of my distress. For me, health is the most important aspect, and my health being affected naturally lead to losing my balance. I stopped doing yoga and meditation and I rarely wrote in my journal. I mostly tried to escape from this through music and Korean dramas. Because I hurt my leg I couldn’t exercise anymore which stressed me out, and I started to eat more due to stress which lead to gaining weight. This again stressed the hell out of me. These last two months were filled with worries, anxiety and stress. But this is enough.

I finally started to get out of my mood. I did what I could to solve the problem and I started to look at the bigger picture. I try to refocus, to find balance again. It takes time and a lot of effort and determination. If my leg doesn’t get better, than I can go to another doctor and ask for a second opinion. I can walk just fine, so my health is not immediately affected. Let’s be rational and stop stressing about every this and that. Health shouldn’t be taken for granted, and now I will just have to be more careful. But this does not mean that you should worry about every pain. It can make you anxious and unable to think rationally.

As I am currently trying to find my balance again, I realized I had stopped doing many of the activities that used to make me feel better. Something is missing and I feel the need to start over again, to recover my balance and peace of mind. Therefore, I will spend the next period on refocusing myself. I plan to start yoga again, at least the poses that I feel comfortable doing, to start doing meditation again, to lose weight slowly and healthily, to spend more me time, to journal more often, to read more. I will do the things that I like without putting pressure on myself. I will rediscover what I like and learn new things so that I continue growing. I will take care of my health in every possible way and I will rest as much as possible. Step by step, paciently and steadily, I will find my path again.

I hope you are doing great and I wish you a lovely summer.
Stay safe and I will see you around

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