Easier said than done

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

Easier said than done is an universal fact. Maybe that’s why we often say it too. We Romanians often say Usor de zis, greu de facut or Teoria ca teoria, dar practica te omoara, both of them meaning that is easy saying you will do something than actually doing it.

Today’s article is inspired by a passage I read in Haemin Sunim‘s book Love for imperfect things: “The hardest thing in the world is putting what you know into practice, and making sure your actions do not contradict your words.”

I felt enlightened after reading this small passage, and I started thinking about my situation. I always felt this gap, but somehow I didn’t name it like Haemin Sunim does on this book, and I didn’t know what it was exactly. It stayed with me since that day and it will continue to remain something to think about everyday for a very long time. This is because I realized this is one of my biggest shortcomings and the one that makes change and growth so difficult for me.

Easier said than done, but not impossible to do. The only way to become better at making our actions align with our words is to keep doing it everyday. By getting our actions closer to the words we say, we will reduce the gap between the two, and we will be closer to our goals.

I believe that this practice is helpful in many other ways too, like getting to know ourselves better and becoming true to ourselves. Our confidence will grow because we will know that if we say we will do something, we will do everything to make it come true. And this is also applicable in our relationships with others. If we promised to do something, than we should make sure to keep that promise. If we said we would keep a secret, than we should do so, and so on. It will only get us closer to that better version of ourselves.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining brightly and the air feels fresh. It is a great day to start aligning our actions to our words. Easier said than done could only stay as a saying.

Wish you a great day, and thank you for stopping by.

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