Our dog is just great

Photo by Gabe on Pexels.com

There is so much talk on small happiness and gratitude that I feel I don’t need to add more on the topic. However, when it comes to practicing these two, there is more to it than just reading and talking about it.

This article is inspired by our dog, Sasha, food addict, just like me. What I love the most about Sasha is the happiness he shows me when I bring him his favorite dog food. He is all over the place, wiggling his tail and running from one corner to another. He makes me feel better in an instant with his silly acting and the way he shows he is grateful for bringing him his favorite food. At least, this is how I see it.

Today, after bringing him his food and playing with him for a while, I have realized that he is teaching me daily about small happiness and gratitude. I should be grateful for the good food I eat every single day, but humans are not as great as animals are, and we often forget how blessed we are.

Sasha is my daily reminder that I should be grateful for the food I eat every single day and, by being grateful I am happy.

4 thoughts on “Our dog is just great

  1. Sasha is incredibly handsome. Dogs are awesome because they are in the moment. No agendas. No expectations. Just joy, happiness and love. No future. We learn so many lessons from these guys. My wife and I house sit around the world. Dogs, cats, horses, goats and other pets teach us lessons every day, especially the invaluable teaching of being in the moment.

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  2. Doggos are the best. My dog is motivated only by food. Not by toys, or walks, or play. Just food. Sometimes I wish I had her focus and determination, because the moment she smells her treats, there’s nothing that’s going to stop her from getting it. Thanks for this post!

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