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Welcome to my blog!

I am Maria, a 25-year-old in a journey of self-discovery. I love everything about mindful living and slow-paced life and I try to get better at life every single day.

I used to live a very busy and stressful live which caused a lot of anxiety and health problems. This was until I discovered minimalism, meditation and journaling. While minimalism is a lifestyle which I like practicing as much as possible, meditation and journaling are instruments that help me stay organized and calm (well… as much as life allows). They are extremely valuable and suitable mechanisms that I use to improve my life and myself.

Thus this blog is all about my journey to self-discovery, personal development and a happy life. While this is a record of my personal journey to a better version of me, I hope that my experiences and my approaches can inspire others in making better decisions for themselves and doing what they love.