September stories for when I forget what is happiness

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And then it was once again September
No matter how hard I think about it, September is my favorite month. A feeling of coziness and gratefulness embraces my heart and mind, and I start thinking about all the nice moments, about the things that I have, about the people in my life. I feel grateful to everything and everyone. I feel so creative that I end up procrastinating and only doing a small part of all the things that I want to do. And it is okay to do so, because now I know that I have to take things slowly sometimes, that productivity is not the norm and that self care is the most important.

The mornings are colder, but the warmth of the day makes me appreciate these days even more, and thus they become perfect to me. The work hours are long and sometimes boring, but when I finish I know what to do with my time. You learn to spend time wisely and you enjoy it at the fullest when you have less time for what you really want to do. I spend more time preparing breakfast because it became the most important meal and a healing time.

There are frequent power outages during work hours, but I learnt to turn these moments into opportunities. While it affects my schedule, it is in my power to decide what to do with that time so it won’t be wasted. I go for a long breakfast, meditation or yoga, and I prepare my mind for stressful moments that are never too late to appear. My birthday in September teaches me that I am not only older, but also wiser.

I was told I would make a good jam maker
I love making jam and I was told I would make a good jam maker. Isn’t that funny? I’ll tell you something funnier. Keep reading.

Jam maker… Is there such a job out there? I don’t know about that, but I think making jam is my newest hobby. Picking the fruits, washing and cutting them, adding the right amount of sugar (I still need to learn what is the right amount), waiting for syrup to form and then boiling the mix is like a ritual. It is a healing and cathartic time. And it feeds you when you need it.

I was told that I would make a good jam maker. But guess who told me that… my sister! That’s the funniest part. How can she say that when she built strong arms trying to take out of the jar this year’s last raspberry jam? Is she only about the taste or is she that much into sports? What I am trying to say here is that you cannot be right without being wrong and there is no success without a few or more failures. Embrace failure like I did with that jam that has at least a good taste. So what if it’s hard to take it out of the jar? I can imagine that I am eating lollipops.

1 year of blogging
Somehow time passed and I managed to stay around and to say pass to those thoughts about giving up blogging. It is thanks to my friends, to fellow bloggers who’s blogging journey and advice encouraged me to continue, and of course to me. I feel the need to thank myself for not giving up, and for trying one more time, even when I wasn’t sure what I was doing anymore.

And I want to thank you all for taking the time to read my stories and leave comments. Thanks to you readers, I felt more like becoming a writer. And I felt happy when you shared your thoughts with me, a person you don’t know in real life. I hope 1 year to become many more.

Thank you for reading and have a beautiful autumn.

Falling in love with autumn (again)

I must say autumn is my favorite season. I was born in September so I always feel at peace when autumn comes. In early autumn, the leaves are still green and the days are still warm. Some days are rainy, while others are a bit colder. It’s not about the colors yet. It’s in the air.

The smell of early autumn is nutty and rich. It smells like soil, rain and leaves. September is cozy and enjoyable. And the sky… September sky is better than any editing program. These days I find myself looking at the sky more often, taking photos of it and bragging to my friends about the countryside autumn.

I’ve missed autumn so much and now I’m finally here, feeling it, enjoying it and writing about it. Autumn has some kind of melancholy that makes me appreciate more every moment of the day. I’ve set the desk in front of the window so I can see how autumn comes, how autumn stays, how autumn goes. Autumn makes me appreciate the other seasons as well. This is the melancholy I was talking about. Other than the cold days and the no-more-T-shirt days, there is nothing sad about autumn. Even these days are good days.

Then it comes October and soon we can all see the most beautiful colors that only autumn can give us. Countryside autumn is even more beautiful because you can really feel and see the changes around you. The peach tree in our garden might have green leaves today, but tomorrow they will be golden brown and they might even fall a day after. Everything changes so quickly in autumn. Thus we must enjoy every moment of the day.

The sunsets are gorgeous too. I love taking photos of the sky (some kind of hobby of mine) and lately, encouraged by my younger sister I take a lot of photos of the sunset in autumn.

It’s getting colder these days but I wish I could stay outside as much as possible. I don’t want to lose these last precious days of a still quiet and cozy autumn. I think I already miss September, but there is no autumn without October and November. I’ll be watching from my window. I hope we can all have a nice and peaceful autumn.