I’m so in love with autumn

Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels.com

For me the 1st of September means that it is already autumn. There are no red leaves yet, but I already feel autumn is here. I am not talking only about the rainy days that are more frequent nowadays. It is in the air, or there is something wrong with my nose. I don’t care. I can’t hide my excitement.

Ever since I was a child, autumn was more special to me than Christmas itself. Maybe we are more drawn to the season we were born in or maybe autumn really has something special. For me autumn is so cozy: the air is pleasant, the autumn clothes are the most comfortable, the colors make me think I am in another realm.

Everything is so beautiful. Nothing about autumn makes me feel depressed or sad. I like all the seasons because this is how I want to be, to appreciate everything the way it is. I don’t like the cold, but I like winter because it’s part of my life and because there is beauty even in the cold days. I don’t like the heat waves, but summer is so beautiful and green and it makes me feel so motivated.

Autumn in the countryside is one of the most beautiful things one can see and experience. The colors, the crops, the abundance, the satisfaction of hard work, the coziness… everything is there to make you the happiest person on Earth. This year I will experience another autumn, but in the city. It is the first time to experience autumn in this town that became my new home. I am trying to enjoy every moment of this new season, with gratitude, hope and joy. I take walks and I try to observe how things change everyday, how they transform into something else.

Autumn always makes me think about change. Autumn makes me positive about change, it makes me better at accepting and embracing change, because even if uncomfortable, change can be so beneficial and beautiful. Autumn is beautiful even as a metaphor.

I welcome you autumn with all my heart. The coziest season of all is here again and I am ready to have the best autumn. With a positive mind and a heart full of hope and joy, I wish we could all have a happy autumn, one full of happy experiences, growth and healthy habbits.

As always, thank you for reading.